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Commercial and

Residential Evictions

Has a Commercial, Business or Residential Tenant failed to pay rent? Only a small percentage of Florida real estate attorneys are in Real Estate Law.


Non-paying tenants.  We provide aggressive and cost-effective representation to property owners throughout the State of Florida.  We quickly and efficiently remove difficult, non-performing tenants, so they can be immediately replaced with well-qualified, respectful renters who will timely meet their financial obligations.  Just like any security, property is an investment that should always make you money.  Our experienced staff of real estate professionals, including Florida Bar-licensed attorneys, paralegals, and licensed real estate and title agents, stand ready to help.

Commercial and Residential tenant law can differ dramatically. There are statutes set in place for Residential tenant law to protect certain rights of tenants who will be eating, sleeping, and raising their families on the property.  Commercial tenants tend to have considerably less protection as the courts often assume these tenants are in a stronger position.

Our office offers a variety of services to assist in this particular genre of real estate. Whether you are an individual investor who owns property and rent single family homes and/or complexes under 10 units; or, a commercial business operating a variety of residential and commercial properties, we have the right program to fit your diverse needs. 

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