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The Challenge:  Uncooperative or untruthful lenders. 


Every year, thousands of foreclosure actions are filed against hard-working families struggling to make ends meet. When these families contact their bank to discuss all available options, they are often told they don’t have any unless they voluntarily default in the payment of their mortgage.  This simply isn’t true. 


Whether your financial situation has been negatively impacted by medical issues, divorce, loss of employment, or another financially disruptive event, there are programs available to help you. Our professionals can assist you with the negotiation of a loan modification or refinance, a short sale of your property, or a short pay-off, a deed in lieu of foreclosure, and/or loan reinstatement. 


Don’t take advice from your bank.  If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, or have been sued for foreclosure, pick up the phone and immediately call our office to speak to a Florida Bar-licensed real estate attorney.

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